List Of The Best WordPress 404 Pages

wpbeginnerlogoThe folks over at have put together a comprehensive list of the best 404 page designs they have come across from sites using WordPress. This showcase is good for inspiration for your own 404 page, a page which I usually neglect when it comes to WordPress themes. As long as the error shows up, I don’t go much beyond that point. Funny as it sounds, I tend to favor humorous 404 page designs instead of helpful ones. One other good bit of information is the list of tips that WPBeginner provides in order to add helpful information to the 404 page template within your WordPress theme.

What’s the best 404.php template you’ve seen come with a WordPress theme without modification?


6 responses to “List Of The Best WordPress 404 Pages”

  1. Thanks Jeffro for the mention. Having a useful 404 page actually reduces your bounce rate significantly. Now there is nothing stopping you from combining the humor and usability. Just use the creative touch.

  2. Is it just me, or wpbeginner is not reachable since yesterday? Every time I come back to try once again to have a look at the article, I get an error page.

  3. @Jeremy – Site works for me, I haven’t had any issues though. Although this gives you a chance to see a 404 page, unless you don’t even get that far.


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