Innovative Use Of Private Pages

Community member Itsananderson recently published a link on the forum to a blog post he wrote explaining how to use Pages in WordPress to allow end users the ability to edit their 404 template page with the Page editor instead of manually editing a 404.php template file. Like Anderson’s post title, this enables even your Grandma to manage 404 error pages within WordPress.

I have yet to come across a theme which uses this method to edit template files although I wonder how useful it would be for template files outside of the 404 page? Have you seen private pages used in this way before?

3 responses to “Innovative Use Of Private Pages”

  1. Hey Jeff, thanks for the mention!

    I haven’t seen 404 pages done like this before, which is why I wrote about it. Sounds like Andrew has done something like this, and I’d actually love to see what he’s doing (I’m guessing he couldn’t give us the details without using the “H” word :) ).

    As to use in other template files, while I think that 404 pages are the most generally applicable and easily implemented examples, I also think private pages could be used in other places as well. I’m hoping this will spark more creative people to come up with even cooler uses of private pages.

  2. @Will Anderson – You are right about it being ‘H’ related. If you want to read more about the details I did a post about it on another blog:

    I haven’t used private pages, but I have added an extra field to specify what kind of page it is. In theory they could all be accessed directly with the right url.

    Let me know if you want any particular specific details and I’ll happily disclose.


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