1. Mario Peshev

    “The innovation that this industry talks about so much is bullshit. Anybody can innovate. Don’t do this big, ‘Think different’ innovation thing. Screw that; it’s meaningless. 99% of it is ‘Get the work done.’ That’s my least favorite part of the technology news cycle: the constant innovation and new ideas, ‘This will revolutionize,’ all that hype – that’s not where the real work is. The real work is in the details.”

    Reality check for millions of people.


  2. Chuck

    Absolutely correct on all points. Including the fact that any large project needs a Linus (or Steve Jobs, or Elon Musk, or ….) to micromanage the final overall user experience. Nothing important happens via committee.


  3. Jeffrey

    I often compare software development to biological processes where really it is evolution. It is not intelligent design.

    I agree with him until this point. He confused evolution with natural selection. I don’t believe Linux was evolved from a bunch of random ideas and thoughts, instead it was designed from the very beginning. I truly believe software development is intelligent design.


    • Daniel Miller

      Not at all. “Intelligent design” implies a vision of an endpoint, with an overall controller guiding the progress. While I can’t speak for Linus I doubt he ever envisioned Linux getting to where it is today. Natural selection implies the strongest survive. There are still a number of “weak” items in the kernel – if only because not enough people can agree on “better”. Evolution implies change – sometimes radical change – and things have certainly changed.

      Linus isn’t a prophet but I think it fair to consider him precise in his speech. He used exactly the words he meant.


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