Open Source Leadership Summit to Live Stream Keynote Sessions February 14-16

The Linux Foundation’s Open Source Leadership Summit is happening in Lake Tahoe, CA, February 14-16, 2017. The invitation-only event brings together open source technology leaders to collaborate across different projects and share best practices.

The organizers will be live streaming all of the keynote sessions for free throughout the three-day event for a total of 17 presentations. A few sample topics and speakers include:

  • State of the Union – Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation
  • A Conversation with Linus Torvalds (with Jim Zemlin)
  • State of Blockchain – Christopher Ferris, CTO of Open Technology, IBM
  • Security and Privacy in a Hyper-connected World – Bruce Schneier, Security Expert
  • Building and Motivating Engineering Teams – Camille Fournier, Senior Thinker and Raconteur
  • How Cross-Foundation Collaboration is a Win for Open Source – Abby Kearns, Executive Director, Cloud Foundry Foundation

Anyone who wants to join the keynote sessions via live stream will need to sign up ahead of the event. The keynotes will be broadcast in Pacific Daylight Time and viewers can return to the signup page to watch live. Viewers are encouraged to use the event’s official #lfosls hashtag to tweet about the sessions as they are watching.

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