Leland Tells Us What’s Cooking In The Themelab

In this interview, Leland who operates ThemeLab.com tells us what he’s been up to, what it’s been like to attend a WordCamp for the first time, and he also gives us some information regarding his underground project. I enjoyed getting to meet Leland face to face and hope I get the chance to meet up with him again soon at another WordCamp. Oh, the cookies were pretty awesome.

*Note* You may need to turn your volume to full blast to hear both myself and Leland. Lesson learned. No more outside interviews with the Flip.


2 responses to “Leland Tells Us What’s Cooking In The Themelab”

  1. It’s always good to put a face with the name. I’m surprised that this was Leland’s first WordCamp as active as he is!

    Jeffro’s right, he at least needs a sweet ThemeLab t-shirt. I’d say Jeff needs a tavern one, but it’s easy enough to just listen and who he is ;)


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