Leland Returns! ThemeLab To Continue

themelablogoLeland who operates the ThemeLab website which consists of Free WordPress themes as well as tutorials announced today that he is back and ready to go. Leland explains that the reason behind his absence is that he had some offline endeavors that needed some attention. In his post, he provides a summary of what he’s missed since rejoining the community. Here is what Leland states are the plans for ThemeLab.

Theme Updates – The main problem with having released so many themes up until now, almost 100, is it makes it tough to do major updates. Even though all the themes should still work with WordPress 2.7, as of now, they don’t have features such as threaded commenting. I’ll be updating the themes to work with 2.7 one at a time, prioritizing the most popular themes first. If anyone knows of any links to good tutorials on updating themes for 2.7, feel free to let me know in the comments.

Future Themes – As of right now, the plan is to have all future themes compatible with WordPress 2.7+ only. That means, no backwards compatibility to previous versions. There will be a mix of “unique” themes, as well as ported themes from various free templates from across the web.

He is currently taking suggestions for template ports so if you have any, be sure to send him his way.


3 responses to “Leland Returns! ThemeLab To Continue”

  1. Weird, I didn’t even see this post until just now…even though I’ve been visiting WPTavern daily, lol. I guess I’ve just been going straight to the forum.

    Anyway, thanks a lot Jeff for the mention. I really appreciate it.

  2. @Jean-Baptiste Jung – Yes, I do too. Leland does a great job releasing quality themes over in that neck of the woods.

    @Leland – Hey Leland. Since you’re a part of the community, I figured it was something worth mentioning. Especially considering when I was getting acquainted with themes, ThemeLab kept popping up as a place of inspiration.


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