1. OriginalEXE

    Does anyone have a suggestion on what to use for simple term meta until WP 4.4 is released?

    I know it will be released soon but I need it this week (on a live site), so what should I use that will be easy to merge to internal meta integration?

    Any advice is welcome :)


  2. Marcus Tibesar

    Love this Post’s featured image! LOL! I admit, Justin’s explanations are thorough, educational and well-written!


  3. Justin Tadlock

    My tutorial is really just tip-of-the-iceberg stuff. There’s a lot of other neat stuff around terms like the new WP_Term class and querying terms from the database by meta. You could write a small book on all the new term-related stuff in WP 4.4. At the very least, I’d love to see some other devs tackling some tutorials on these things.


  4. David

    I’ve made yesterday a small German video tutorial concerning the term metas. Just, if some German speaking reader is interested.


  5. Ryan Hellyer

    Justin’s tutorials are awesome. I learned the finer details of custom post-types from him and now use them all day every day :)


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