1. Paul

    Aw. I was hoping for me.sh shortcode support.


  2. Bo Farewell

    The new dashboard looks better indeed. And much easier to use for those who are not used to it and just start using jetpack now. I don’t see any benefits for the old users though. The site-move thing isn’t something a lot of people do often.

    I wish they would enhance the social media icons and fix the counters.


  3. rahul

    sharing buttons on bbpress thats new…..


  4. Vishwajeet Kumar

    I like the new interface of jetpack. It is quite impressive and have some good improvements.


  5. Joseph

    Thanks for the update.

    Just curious, why can’t they just remove the “Site Icon” instead of placing “WordPress now has Site Icon built in!”


    • Jeremy

      We aim to be backwards compatible, so the Site Icon module will remain in Jetpack for a few more WordPress releases.

      Jetpack is usually compatible with the current WordPress version, and the 2 versions that came before it. So you can expect the Site Icon module to remain in Jetpack for another 2 WordPress releases. Then we’ll consider that to use Jetpack on your site, you must run at least WordPress 4.3, which includes Site Icon.

      This ensures that the option doesn’t suddenly disappear just because you’re running an older version of WordPress.


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