1. Anthony

    I prefer the old one. A simple list was more convenient and organized. Thanks for the tip!


  2. Robert Trevellyan

    I prefer the jetpack_modules interface, but I’m a developer already familiar with Jetpack. I assume the new interface is not aimed at developers.


  3. Sallie Goetsch

    I find the old one easier to navigate, albeit less slick-looking.


  4. Ulrich

    I ran into a similar issue recently where I wanted to disable the shortcodes module. I ended up using the cli to do so as the new UI does not show all of the modules.


  5. Wil

    By categorizing the modules the new interface makes it harder to quickly locate and view the status of modules.

    Bring back the old interface or allow an option for users to choose which one they want to use.


  6. Gulshan Kumar

    The new UI looks more informative but I would still prefer the old look.


  7. brad

    Thank you! I couldn’t agree more that the new interface is awful. I’m bookmarking the wp-admin/admin.php?page=jetpack_modules trick. I can understand the Jetpack people are trying to spur people to pay for the premium functions but that was a bad move.


  8. Aidan Sweeney

    The old one is better by miles. With the new one, I couldn’t even find the ‘Extra Sidebar Widget’ at all, even after googling for it and checking the JetPack support page.

    Thanks for the url to use the old one. That solved it for me, thanks very much.


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