1. jpelker

    I can’t see the point to this. Maybe they’re something bigger up their sleeves. Dunno.


  2. Japh

    I agree that it might seem strange and unintuitive to manage a self-hosted site’s menus from WordPress.com’s central management interface. But only if you look at this feature in isolation.

    When you consider that they’re gradually adding more and more functionality that can be managed centrally, this is just another step toward whole-site management for self-hosted sites from WordPress.com’s interface.

    Perhaps there could have been a more intuitive next step instead, but perhaps not. I doubt it was done without any thought :)


    • John Parris

      I have no doubt they have plenty more up their sleeves. I just don’t think the user experience makes a whole lot of sense at this point. In a year we’ll probably see a different picture.


  3. Otto

    Yeah, I don’t get this one either. But to be fair, I don’t get a lot of the wp.com interfaces. I dislike using wp.com, overall. Too different and overly simplified. Don’t get me wrong, simple is good, but there are limits.


    • Sam Hotchkiss

      I felt the same way for a while, but the posting interface through WordPress.com has totally grown on me, to the point where going through /wp-admin now feels like the old, clunky, slow way.

      Obviously, menu management isn’t something that most people interact with nearly as much as posting, but I’ve come to see /wp-admin as something that I *have* to log into in order to do certain things with my site, and this just takes another item off that list of reasons why I have to log in to my /wp-admin.


  4. Marcus L Tibesar

    We are being assimilated by the Borg! ;-)


  5. Jeffrey

    I don’t use Jetpack, but I have to come in to say the picture you chose for this post is very cool!


  6. Benjamin Intal

    Perhaps this is a step closer to having your entire backend being available in WordPress.com


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