JavaScript Leads The Pack in RedMonk’s Programming Language Rankings

Research and analyst firm, RedMonk, released its programming language rankings for January 2015. RedMonk looks at programming language discussions on Stack Overflow and usage on GitHub in an effort to extract insights into potential adoption trends.

The results from the analysis are not clear indications of general usage but rather, an examination of the correlation between two populations RedMonk believes to be predictive of future use.

RedMonk Q115 Programming Language Rankings
RedMonk Q115 Programming Language Rankings

It doesn’t surprise me to see JavaScript and PHP so high on the chart, especially since JavaScript is in the middle of a renaissance. The results also mirror the suggestion that in the future, 90% of WordPress development could be JavaScript based.

Be sure to read RedMonk’s interpretation of the data and the trends worth noting. Also worth reading is’s take on the data and the rising popularity of Apple’s Swift programming language. What do you make of the rankings?

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    1. I have no idea. But there is a lot of JavaScript development going on right now with plugins.


    2. It would be certainly be interesting to see plugins requiring JavaScript for server-side stuff. I don’t think a plugin like that would be very popular though, since it wouldn’t work on most shared hosting environments, although perhaps that will change in the future.


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