1. Jake

    I noticed a big pile of them in the background of his slide, as well.


  2. Noel

    I have being working with HTML/CSS/WordPress for years and now need to take the plunge and further my knowledge.

    Any suggestions on on which book to get for a total Javascript virgin? It’s probably old fashioned, but I would rather have a book beside to read/learn from/revert to rather than an online book.


  3. Jeffrey

    That’s quite an influence he has.

    TBH, the popularity of JavaScript has nothing to do with Matt and his speech. Instead, I think he was inspired by the increasing popularity of JavaScript and various JavaScript frameworks.

    In addition, it might be a coincidence that WordPress books are placed next to JavaScript books, especially in B&N, they usually put all computer and programming books together or closely, and there is no specific categorization.


  4. Ivan

    If you want to learn JavaScript properly, start by reading the “You don’t know JavaScript” series by Kyle Simpson. You can read it for free on GitHub.


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