1. javorszky

    There’s also this: http://issuestats.com/ :)


    • Jeff Chandler

      Nice. Guess there are at least two sites that do this now.


    • mnapoli

      Hi, author of isitmaintained.com here!

      This website is indeed interesting but the metrics are not that significant in my opinion. On isitmaintained, issues and PR are filtered so that you get an idea of “how long it takes to get support and bugfixes”. So issues and PR created by the owner are ignored. Issues and PR tagged as “feature”, “enhancement”, etc… are also ignored.


  2. Viktoria Michaelis

    Interestingly enough, I received a message from WordPress that an app I use – Evergreen – wasn’t being maintained. Where they got the information from I cannot say, but it was attached to an update for the plug-in and appeared after I had updated it…


  3. Paul ⓦ (@paul_wp)

    Github also has the repository “pulse” tab that shows an overview of recent activity: https://github.com/easydigitaldownloads/Easy-Digital-Downloads/pulse/weekly


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