1. Jake Goldman

    Thanks for covering our contributions and commitments! As you captured, we’re excited to expand our support as we have more to offer.


    • Jason Lemieux

      Cheers to 10up for being awesome. And brave. Fields is a tricky and ancient beast.. but it would be a big win for all of us.

      Jake, does 10up have any way to measure the return on these investments? Are you in a position in which you have to justify the expense to anyone? If so, what does that look like?

      Or.. is it as simple as just being the right thing to do?


  2. Muhammad Adnan

    Interesting and Impressed by 10up.


  3. John

    Impressive! Commitment to open-source projects such as WP can only spark better web environment, not to mention solid user support and recognition. Thanks 10up!


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