Intro/Outro Needed For WPWeekly

Now that I can play pre-recorded audio over the air, I think it’s time the show gets its own intro and outro sections. But before I go trailblazing, I wanted to open it up to hear what other people could do if given the opportunity. Here is what I’m looking for.

Introduction which says the following. You’re listening to WordPress Weekly, the show dedicated to all things WordPress…..Here is your host, Jeff Chandler Ambient noise would fade out and then I’d begin talking.

My initial idea was to have ambient audio from within a Tavern with my voice giving the introduction. This is the route I’ll take if no one feels up to creating something.

For the outro, the text could say the following. Thank you for listening to this episode of WordPress Weekly. If you have any feedback regarding this episode or the show in general, please send it to jeffc at For shownotes related to this episode, visit

Again, I don’t think creating something would be too difficult for the show. If you create something and I end up using it, I’ll give you a VIP account to the forum and massive props. The audio should be in MP3 stereo format.


6 responses to “Intro/Outro Needed For WPWeekly”

  1. If no one creates an intro/outro for you, you can always purchase royalty free music at:

  2. I think having ambient noise from a tavern, people chatting and glasses clinking, is a great idea.

    You need some bar brawl sounds effects you can play as a bumper when you’re reporting on GPL fights ;)

  3. “WordCasts you love, from a tavern you trust. This is WordPress Weekly.”


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