History Of WPWeekly Now Properly Archived

For the first time since the shows creation, all shownotes for every episode can be found on one domain, WPTavern.com. One of the problems with WordPress Weekly is that I produced the show across three different domains. Jeffro2pt0.com, WeblogToolsCollection.com and WPTavern.com. On the Podcast page I linked to all of the shownotes posts on the various domains to make them easier to find but ultimately, they should all be housed under one roof which has now been accomplished. I’ve even retained the date the post was published to maintain the order. So if you browse to the very back of of the WordPress Weekly Category, you’ll see Episode 1 up to the current episode all with the same post structure including the button to listen to that show on the page itself.

So that’s one longstanding pain in the ass taken care of. As for the show itself, I’ve finished the custom intro for it and am currently working on the outro. Once I complete the outro and make a few other purchases, I’ll be ready to start the show again. In my absence, I’ve been coming up with different ideas to implement on the show. I hope to once again be able to produce a podcast about WordPress which actually talks about the news of the week and keeps you updated on what’s going on. Something that no one else seems able to provide. While I am my own worst critic, I think the show has always done a good job of keeping people on their toes with regards to what’s happening in the world of WordPress.

P.S., here is episode 1 of the monstrosity known as WordPress Weekly.

Listen To Episode #1:


3 responses to “History Of WPWeekly Now Properly Archived”

  1. Jeff,

    WordPress Weekly has consistently been a solid source of information for years. While other podcasts come and go and flounder and change hands :cough: WordPress Podcast :cough:, you’ve delivered. Congratulations. I hope to start listening again once I get caught up on these Leo Laporte podcasts.



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