1. digisavvy

    Great stuff. I love _s and it has become the base of my own personal project, called ‘Some Like it Neat. https://github.com/digisavvy/some-like-it-neat – As Konstantin notes, it’s a great project to start from and I’d say I really started to develop myself more using _s.


    • Flick

      Love your some-like-it-neat readme :) It made me smile and laugh! I have just got to go and learn SASS now in order to really use it. I only wish _s had THA built-in.


  2. Dustin Filippini

    Underscores is amazing. Easily the best way to start a theme and make a site, in my opinion. I’ve used it as the base for all sites I’ve made for over a year now and did what Konstantin suggested, forked it to add the modifications I used every time.


  3. Piero Bellomo (@ptbello)

    I made a Bootstrap flavoured version of _s: https://github.com/ptbello/_strap and use it for all my projects (scroll down for screenshots and links)


  4. Herb Trevathan

    I like it too, I am using it straight from the underscores.me website on a project now: http://dev.bootcamp4me.com/


  5. Sean Davis

    Underscores has become my go-to for all theme building except for ones where I use my framework, which was also, believe it or not, built with Underscores as the starting point. And of course, I’ve built variations of Underscores including the starter theme you all featured here last week. https://wptavern.com/underscores-for-edd-a-free-starter-theme-for-easy-digital-downloads

    I like it so much that I’ve created a WordPress theme building course that uses Underscores as an example throughout. http://buildwpyourself.com/course My readers really connect with it.


  6. Janakee

    Thanks Jeff for featuring _s and the tip for forking it when it has the libraries you would like to use as the starting point for a new theme or website project.

    Took a look at Sean Davis’s BWPY – WordPress Theme Building Course – very nice.

    A great place to starting learning about how themes work and to try your hand at rolling your own theme.

    Thanks Jeff and Sean


  7. Chip Bennett

    You asked whether use of Underscores would facilitate Theme approval for wordpress.com, but I can tell you from experience reviewing/approving Themes for the official wordpress.org Theme Directory: when I come across an Underscores-derived Theme, I am able to perform a much less-rigorous final approval audit. I don’t have to worry about pretty much any of the template and template-part files, because I know the markup started from a compliant state. So, yes: I would say that use of an inherently standards-compliant starter Theme such as Underscores as the foundation for a Theme does facilitate review/approval of that Theme in the official Theme Directory.

    Now, if we could get a single, consensus options framework, I would be a very happy camper.


  8. Tracey

    I love it, certainly gives you a great head start. It is great to know that themes are built on a solid and trustworthy foundation. I have used it on all of my sites for at least a year now and will definitely be sticking with it. Thank you …


  9. Steve Dickinson

    All of my themes on WP.org were built with Underscores: http://profiles.wordpress.org/stephencottontail/ I don’t think I could’ve gotten into WP theme development as quickly as I did if it wasn’t for Underscores.


  10. smartpixels

    Guys give us feedback, have released a new starter theme with underscores and foundation with modern workflow.



  11. Patty J. Ayers

    I keep being pointed here http://themeshaper.com/2012/02/13/introducing-the-underscores-theme/ for a tutorial, but I don’t see a tutorial or link to a tutorial anywhere on that page. ??


  12. Ted Clayton

    It would be good, to see it on the WordPress Themes Repository.

    Especially, since it is promoted as a leg-up to getting a derived theme-project qualified for the Repository.


  13. Ted Clayton

    Uh-oh. I’m a long-term Toolbox-tinker.

    I’m here on this Post, because a while back I noticed Toolbox was no longer in the Repository. I knew that could spell ‘trouble’. Thanks for the ‘Retired’ link … but all that’s there is the link to its unpronounceable replacement-project on GitHub.

    WordPress Repositories are a Very Good Thing. Indeed; being listed on the repository is a good first approximation of “Compliance Check Number One”.

    The advice to WP-codes not listed on the Repo? “Get listed.”

    I recently started using “F2” … an ancient artifact itself, now – I discover after the fact – rewritten using Underscore. Had I noted this relationship on first seeing the author’s rewrite-description, I would have interpreted it as a Framework-like ‘dependency’, and thus passed on it. But I didn’t catch the bit about _s, until I just now returned for deep-homework prep, before making an F2 Child.

    Yet going full-circle, I find that the crypto-nomen Underscore(s?) was Toolbox-driven (‘cept, TB was pragmatic). Hmm! And in the “announcement post” link, I see that the specific rationale-context that disqualified Toolbox, was NOT that it “was” or “is” broken, itself, but that turning it into, or updating it to support what the authors wanted, would break … what was up until then, not broke? And still isn’t … yet it was dropped?

    I would probably be all for promoting Son-of-Toolbox … if it had a proper WordPress address. I will probably not be able to resist looking at it … but it would have been a lot nicer, to see a blurb on the Toolbox page, promoting a new-and-improved version/project.


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