Introducing The Tavern Tip Jar

Today, I’ve implemented a Tip Jar also known as donations on the site. On the right hand side under the sponsor block is a text widget with a link to the donations page. Donations is not a requirement or an obligation but I realize some folks would like to contribute to this community monetarily without necessarily purchasing ad space. There are many ways to contribute to the Tavern community that I will cover in a future post, money is only one of these ways.

For anyone that decides to donate $10.00 or more, a URL of your choosing will be displayed on the donations page for up to one month. This is my way of showing a token of appreciation along with a sincere thanks from me. The total amount a person donates will not be displayed because of the social impact that might have.

If you find this site, the forum, the overall community valuable to you in a monetary way and feel that giving a donation is the best way for you to contribute, the opportunity is now there.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment.


  1. @JLeuze – LOL Thanks for your donation, I really appreciate it. A number of people have already taken advantage of the Tip Jar and I can say that it’s definitely not empty as it once was.


  2. @Jeffro – No problem, I’m not a good candidate for advertising; I look out of professional curiosity, but I never buy anything through ads.

    So I’m glad you have another way for us to contribute. Now you just need some merch ;)


  3. @JLeuze – I’m keeping my eyes out for a personalized beer mug that I can resell. If I find one, that would be awesome.


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