Interview With Anthony Montalbano

This is an interview with Anthony Montalbano who is one of the main reasons why WordCamp Detroit was able to take place this year, a first for Michigan. In this interview, I ask Anthony what was the largest hurdle he had to jump over in order to make the event a reality. Although the event organizers really wanted to do a WordCamp in the Detroit metro area, it just didn’t come together this year which is why they opted for Novi, Michigan which is a happening place in and of itself. I also asked Anthony to give prospecting WordCamp organizers some tips on putting together a WordCamp of their own.


2 responses to “Interview With Anthony Montalbano”

  1. Great interview! If there’s one thing I like – it’s Anthony’s enthusiasm for WordPress! The fact that he had been planning this event for 2 years is a testament to his passion for the platform.

  2. What an amazing weekend, again, it was great having you out, everyone for that matter, at WordCamp Detroit and we only hope to make it better next year. It was worth every minute.


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