1. Todd J. List

    Thanks for the great review! Please add your comments and suggestions to the follow-up survey. (A link to your post here would be fine.)

    We are aware of some of the shortcomings you noted, and we will try hard to improve next year. Because it was a first-year conference we faced some funding challenges that limited what we could do. Hopefully we can find a few more sponsors next year to take things to the next level.

    I’m really glad you came to visit us. Please consider this a warm invitation to come back next year!

    Perhaps I’ll bump into you at another WordCamp down the road.


  2. Mitzi Lawrence Schwabe

    I agree with everything you said. I found all of the information useful (even for a beginner); however, it would have been awesome to have a designated area for questions. The food and beverages were so yummy and plentiful I was wondering if the organizers were able to break even! I, too, would have liked more POWER, but ended up being fine.My only complaint is that even with my contacts affixed to my eyeballs, I couldn’t see a thing from the far back corner of the room (where the tardy are destined to be relegated). I think it was a very successful weekend. P.S. That’s my braided head in the bottom left of the Day 2 photo!


  3. John Pratt

    Excellent writeup! It was definitely a great WordCamp, and I think next years attendance will be at least triple (and sold out as well)! I’m sure the videos will be up soon, and Anthony is to be commended for all his hard work – as well as all the volunteers who helped make this event possible.

    I also think that next year, the addition of some Q&A stations would be great.


  4. Josh Feck

    It was great meeting you there Jeff. Looking forward to the next season of WordPress Weekly! And thank you Polldaddy: my kids are enjoying the stickers.


  5. Pat Williams

    This was my first WordCamp so I have no comparison but I thought it was excellent. My only wish is that it gets successful enough to have two tracks: beginners and advanced.


  6. Kirk Tirakian

    Hi Jeff,

    I was sitting at the same table with you on day one. It was nice to meet you too. Great review.


  7. David

    Isn’t Polldaddy owned by Automattic? I’d think that it means a heck of a lot for the company that basically runs WP to help pay for you to attend.

    Will there be more coverage of the event from you? Or can you point out other posts people have done about it? I missed out on speaking and attending because of some personal stuff, so I’d love to live vicariously through others…


  8. Debbie Miller

    Thanks for writing a great review. WordCamp Detroit had something for everyone whether you were a beginner or advance user of WordPress. I took lots of notes and came home with many ideas for improving my WordPress sites. I met a lot of other great WordPress users and I’m looking forward to next year. I hope some of the video footage will be available as I’d love to be able to watch the speakers all over again.


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