WordPress Gameshow Now Available To Play From Home

One of the big hits from this years WordCamp Detroit event is now available to be played from home. For the first time I believe, attendees were able to play a jeopardy style WordPress game. The game features 5 different categories with 5 questions ranging from 100 to 500 points. While playing the game, I was relieved to know most of the answers to the HistoryPress category. As far as the other categories go, I didn’t to do bad with those either and the ones I missed ended up with a really close answer. If you have a few minutes to spare, play the game for yourself and then come back and report how well you did. Be honest!

WordPress Game Show

Great idea and execution by Anthony Montalbano, TJ List, and the rest of the WordCamp Detroit crew. I’m hoping that at some point, the execution of this game can be released in the form of a plugin where we can change around the categories as well as the questions.

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