1. Andreas Nurbo

    Not that I think I would have contributed to Calypso but thats a really bad CoC. I wonder if they ran it past Automattics lawyers etc. If you want to know more about it just read the discussions regarding the CoC RFC for PHP. Theres a great comment on mor10s site as well regarding CoCs https://mor10.com/on-freedom-and-speech/#comment-1371746. PM Jones of AuraPHP fame also blogged about it http://paul-m-jones.com/archives/6214 Heres another great post on it http://coderoncode.com/community/2016/01/24/on-codes-on-conduct.html


  2. Pradeep Singh

    Glad to see this new series on WPTavern. It will help more to keep connected with the WordPress Community.

    Good initiative Jeff!

    And Happy belated Birthday Wapuu!!


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