1. Marcus Tibesar

    The US Army created their own App Store. Perhaps Automattic or WordPress would consider building their own App Store as well…


  2. Ryan Hellyer

    Perhaps what we need is offline support built into the native WordPress admin dashboard. That’d give pretty much all of the functionality of the native iOS and Android apps, but without the need to even install anything. Apple and co. couldn’t really complain then, and it would allow us to customise our mobile experience better.


  3. Aaron Johnson

    You are right! Apple is such a bad company. Why don’t you boycott Apple altogether.


  4. A sad wordpress user


    It’s very sad to see what WordPress has become and how everything is spun with the “open source” spiel.

    I hope I see the day wordpress.com and automattic (and all of Matt’s other commercial ties) fully separate from wordpress.org.


  5. Iriana Jamal

    i agreed, there are lots of things that’s why i don’t like apple.


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