1. Scott Kingsley Clark

    It’s difficult to wonder what could have been, because without WordPress there wouldn’t have been certain innovations happening – but they could still have happened through other systems. So it’s questionable to wonder how big WP would become if it were a project starting out now instead of an existing project with it’s userbase and a bright horizon of rewrites and optimizations in future versions. I’d say the second isn’t the ideal option, but hey – everything starts somewhere.


  2. Jeffro

    @Scott Kingsley Clark – I suppose in some ways, Habari could be looked at as WordPress starting over? Maybe that’s a stretch but that’s what I’ve heard quite a few times.


  3. donnacha | WordSkill

    I’m delighted that Matt made it over to my home city, Dublin and, indeed, has become an honorary patron of my old college society at Trinity College Dublin, the Phil!

    I hope he had the time, afterwards, to have a few pints with them.


  4. Lars Tong Strömberg

    A tool completely under your control has indeed a very high value. Agree with you that Matt hits the nail there.

    I also think that will be more and more apparent as many don´t reflect upon the control they let go to e.g. Facebook today. Third-party services are taken for granted by many and very few reflect upon what the TOCs really say…


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