1. Simon Harper

    Hi Sarah!!

    Thanks so much for featuring our WordCamp on the blog, it is an honour. This will help us to promote #WCBelfast

    It has been a fantastic journey so far and it’s been an amazing experience working with Mark, Samantha & others in helping to bring the the first ever WordCamp to Northern Ireland.

    Thanks again so much for your support

    Simon ?


  2. Jim Daly

    This is great news. Really great news.

    As a point of interest Ireland’s first (and only) WordCamp was held in Kilkenny on March 6 & 7, 2010.


  3. Chris Flannagan

    Oh yesss!!! So awesome, I will definitely be there.


  4. Samuel "Otto" Wood

    Love the Wapuu.

    We need WordCamp Albuquerque to do a Breaking Bad one. ;)


    • Simon Harper

      Thanks Samuel, Peter did a wonderful job and it’s a shining example of a local WordPress community coming together to help make this 1st ever WordCamp Belfast a success.


  5. John A. Walsh

    Many thanks for the coverage Sarah. Much appreciated. It also proves that someone other than just ourselves (the Dublin & Belfast organising groups) is listening!

    It is indeed a steep learning curve, and my coffee in-take is definitely increasing but I feel that the Ireland of Ireland deserves at least one WordCamp per year going forward for the benefit of the development/design community and the user-base itself.

    We have some of the best designers and developers in the world in Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland and hopefully if we can get the right structure in place we can create something really special.

    For anyone who is interested in joining us, please feel free to join the Dublin or Belfast meetup groups. Thanks ! John


  6. Mark Smallman

    It’s great to see such support coming in from the WordPress community, from all over the world for our planned WordCamps, both in Belfast & Dublin.
    And it’s great to have such brilliant local support that are as keen as I am to see the first WordCamp in ‘our wee country’
    Hope to see you all later in the year, and look our for updates on our Twitter – @WCBelfast


  7. Mark Smallman

    Glad to say we have reached the stage (budgets & venue all approved) and we are now working to create our WordCamp site.
    For now, anyone that is wanting to be notified of when the site goes live, can now subscribe for updates.


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