Human Made to Host AI for WordPress Event on May 25, 2023

Human Made is organizing the community’s first ever AI for WordPress online conference on May 25, 2023. The time and schedule have not yet been announced but registration is open.

Attendees can expect to see demos of Human Made’s current AI projects and highlights of what others are doing in the space. The organizers plan to discuss the impact AI will have on the WordPress industry and share predictions and insights.

Human Made is among a few WordPress product makers that have been experimenting with Gutenberg-native AI block and content assistants. CTO Joe Hoyle published several videos demonstrating how prompts can work across various blocks with AI natively integrated into the block editor. His prototypes have progressed with the addition of Content Streaming that renders content, blocks, and layout in real time. Users can also cancel the streaming output while it’s in progress to refine the guidance given to the AI.

The agency has gone all in on exploring the possibilities AI opens up for this industry and has created a guide titled “76 ways AI could transform WordPress.” The document covers content, marketing, publishing, engineering, delivery, and impact in the enterprise.

The virtual AI for WordPress event will feature industry leaders who are also creating things in this space. is tracking more than three dozen AI products that have popped up in the last few months, so there is no shortage of developers experimenting. Organizers will announce more speakers and sessions ahead of the event on May 25.


5 responses to “Human Made to Host AI for WordPress Event on May 25, 2023”

  1. How to turn off potential registrants: not accepting e-mail addresses from or
    I was skeptical anyway, not sure I wanted to register, so the decision was made for me. However, it also means that I will soft-boycott Human Made (i.e., I wasn’t using their products anyway, may not have, but now will deliberately choose another option.)
    Yes, I am an amateur; yes, I maintain or comaintain 4 WordPress sites. No, I will never be a big-budget customer.

    • Well, it’s understandable that you are frustrated that your email provider is not supported.

      However, it’s important to note that many companies, including Human Made, have legitimate reasons for not allowing certain email providers due to issues such as security concerns or a higher likelihood of bounced or spam emails.

      That being said, it’s unfortunate that this decision has led you to boycott their products. We’ve been keeping a close eye on them lately and what we’ve discovered is that they seem to value all potential customers and are working hard to bring some amazing tech to the industry.

      I would encourage you to perhaps explore alternative email providers that are supported. You don’t have to use aol or pronto, but you should at least try and understand the issues those services can cause companies.

      It’s also worth noting that being an amateur or not having a big budget shouldn’t make you any less important to them, their track record thus far supports that.

      I’m just a third party dev that works for a company that has been watching Human Made and what they’re up to and what we’ve seen thus far might just be worth getting a gmail for, especially for a novice wanting to embrace some world changing tech.

      ps – this response was written (mostly) by Fred, the F.reaking R.emarkable E.ngagement D.evice and ultimate marketing expert, powered by ChatGPT 3.5


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