1. Rohit

    Interesting development from Amazon, I am keen to see the comment moderation feature and analyze how good it is.


  2. Kimi Phan

    What a smart move of Amazon! Support for WordPress ecosystem is a huge benefit later.


  3. Collins Agbonghama

    The “It’s available on GitHub.” link is not a link to Github.


  4. Gary Taylor

    “Setup is not trivial” – I’ll say! I installed the plugin, I get messages about not being able to connect to my AWS account credentials – but no suggestion how to get an AWS account.

    I must be really dumb, as how to get an AWS account isn’t even a Frequently-Asked Question on the blueprints site…


    • Gary Taylor

      Sigh. I wish I’d read the US-only part as well. Blogs and flash-briefings skills apparently not a thing in the UK :-(



    • Ross Wickman

      This is the number one issue with using the Amazon AI (Polly) Plugin for WordPress. It is not trivial. It is risky in fact if a blogger really doesn’t know what they are doing. For that reason, I have created a free course what will walk anyone through acquiring and IAM Access Token and it only takes a few minutes.
      Check out quick free course at https://go.tactful.cloud/polly


  5. Kingsley Felix

    this is nice, let me give it a try


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