1. Lucy Ng

    I tested FSE with TT1 Blocks and it’s good! But some popular Gutenberg-base themes haven’t supported this feature yet. Hope to see this interesting feature more wide-spread soon.


  2. Chris Carvache

    This is fantastic that WordPress is taking steps towards streamlining the development process. While this solves lots of current issues – the biggest problems we’ve noticed is the reconciliation and merging of active production sites with development sites. Best example of this is building in NEW features into a busy WooCommerce site and then having an amazingly awkward time publishing; the fact that options / data are shared between a combination of settings in the wp_options table and then orders constantly coming in make the publishing process VERY manual. Looking forward to see how this all progresses in the future.


  3. Amie Suzan

    Excited. Would love to try it.


  4. Anne McCarthy

    This was such a massive value add from Carrie! I can’t wait to encourage others to use it in future calls for testing.

    If anyone has any questions about the FSE outreach program, know I welcome pings on slack at @annezazu. I just publish a recap of the first testing call here:


    Big thank you to everyone who is testing with the program or who is just poking around on their own time to explore :). Remember to report bugs back to the Gutenberg repository so improvements can continue to be made.


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