1. Rebecca Gill

    I agree! As an attendee and speaker, I loved the text messages. They were especially useful when you are chatting and forgetting about something important. They redirected me on more than one occasion in Miami.


  2. Nathan Driver

    Great IDEA! I might have to test this out next year.


  3. Chuck Reynolds

    We used http://betwext.com for WCPHX in the past. 2c per message was pretty obvious. Good to see you guys using sms though – worked great for us


  4. David Decker

    On the MailChimp service website it’s clearly stated that this service is currently only available in 3 countries: “Available in the US, Canada and UK”

    Would be great if you update the post with that info, because WordCamps in Europe, Asia etc. cannot benefit yet from that service.

    Thanks, Dave :)


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