How To Change The Default View Of The WordPress Media Library Uploader

When adding or editing images in the WordPress media library, there is a drop down menu that allows you to filter between all media items, only the items uploaded to the post, images, audio, and video. By default, the media library shows all media items. If you find yourself constantly having to switch from all media items to only those uploaded to a post, consider using the Default Media Uploader View plugin by Leemon.

Media Library Drop Down
Media Library Drop Down

While activated, you’ll see items uploaded to the post by default. I tested the plugin on WordPress 3.9.1 and it works fine without any conflicts. It should, considering it’s an incredibly simple plugin. Despite opening the media library hundreds of times, I had no idea this drop down menu existed. It’s nice to be able to filter the media library to just items used in the post.

Let us know in the comments if this plugin saves you any mouse clicks.


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