1. Karen Bennett

    Thanks, this is a handy plugin to know about. The Admin Columns plugin also lets you show the featured image in the Posts listing, and lets you choose the thumbnail size. https://wordpress.org/plugins/codepress-admin-columns/screenshots/


  2. nick6352683

    Good find Jeff (as usual), and I agree with you that “there’s usually always more than one plugin to accomplish a task”, I use the plugin called “Easy Featured Image” released just a few days ago, and works like a charm. That said, this functionality should be included in the core though in my opinion…


  3. Daniel Pataki (@danielpataki)

    Hi Jeff,

    I almost literally just made a similar plugin which allows you to also add/change/remove the featured image from the admin post list :) Here it is:




  4. Sam

    Just wondering if anyone was able to get the actual Mention Notification to trigger with this?

    Seems kinda pointless unless the user you’re Mentioning is made aware of it too :)



  5. Ted Clayton

    It is a little astonishing, just how small we are seeing thumbnails being made these days, while remaining intelligible. Hey – the smaller examples are not all that much bigger than a generously-sized single font-character!

    Seems to me, there will be some kind of special craft behind this trend. Default resizing to these tiny thumb-dimensions gives a high proportion of inscrutable little messes. Have not yet pursued this topic …

    I have been glancing at the Featured Image option, wondering if I can do something good with it. I always try to get a nice, on-topic pic with each post, and I always use a ‘decent’ thumbnail … which seems to approximate what FI is about.

    I’m keen on more control of the Admin Post Listing Page table. Usually, though, I want it to display more-compact subsets of Post info. Mostly, I’m scanning lots of entries, and want more in the available screen space.

    Images are a big deal, and improvements to pic-tech & presentation choices are well-worth the keeping up on. I will install ‘PLFI’ this morning, probably temporarily, just to see how it does my images at 50×50.


  6. Dana Morris

    This may be a little off topic, but have you ever seen a problem with the featured image that causes the image to not only be seen in the blog post, but also in the upper left hand corner of the entire page? I am new to using wordpress and things were working just fine…until yesterday. I added a new post the same way I always do, choose a featured image and the above happened. At this point I have just taken the featured images out until I can figure out the problem.


  7. Eva Collados Pascual

    Hi Jeff,

    You have really interesting and useful articles, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    I’ve found a solution for displaying featured image on posts and pages admin columns with code pasted on you theme’s functions archive. Just another way to achieve the same without adding a another plugin to your WP installation.

    add_filter('manage_posts_columns', 'posts_columns', 5);
    add_action('manage_posts_custom_column', 'posts_custom_columns', 5, 2);
    add_filter('manage_pages_columns', 'posts_columns', 5);
    add_action('manage_pages_custom_column', 'posts_custom_columns', 5, 2);

    function posts_columns($defaults){
    $defaults['riv_post_thumbs'] = __('Thumbs');
    return $defaults;

    function posts_custom_columns($column_name, $id){
    if($column_name === 'riv_post_thumbs'){
    echo the_post_thumbnail( array(100,100) );


  8. Dennis Freedman

    Thank you. Just installed. Brilliant!


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