Pictorico: A Free WordPress Theme for Portfolios and Photoblogs

Pictorico is a new free theme for self-hosted WordPress sites, created by the team at Automattic. While many themes in the WordPress Themes Directory lean toward the blog flavor, this one is geared toward portfolios and photoblogging websites.

Pictorico is a single-column, grid-based theme that includes a post slider and looks its best with large featured images set for the posts.


The theme includes four widget areas in the footer and can be further customized with a Custom Header and Background. It also has support for Sticky Posts and Post Formats, including: Aside, Image, Video, Link, and Quote.

Pictorico is one theme that you don’t want to use without featured images, which are best displayed at a minimum of 1180px wide. It makes use of them on the blog index, archive pages, and single post page (if a custom header hasn’t been set). In the absence of a featured image, it will display a solid background color instead.


Check out a live demo to see the theme in action with big featured images. It also includes posts with no featured images set, so you can preview that scenario.

You may have already seen Pictorico around the web, as it was originally released on WordPress.com a couple weeks ago. This is Automattic’s 44th free theme added to its collection on WordPress.org. Test Pictorico out first hand by installing it via the theme browser in your WordPress admin.


3 responses to “Pictorico: A Free WordPress Theme for Portfolios and Photoblogs”

  1. Another great theme by Automaticc! :-) just realised where to find all of the themes by them – now the difficult part is not to find a great theme, but to choose which one ;-)

    Really love to follow wptavern.com – often here I start searching if I have a problem or need a great theme or plugin. Thanks!

    Best regards Marie-Louise, flyvsketanker.dk

  2. On the live demo, there is a post that is a gallery; do you know how I can get a gallery post on my blog, as well? I realize that this type of post may not be supported, but any help would be much appreciated. :)


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