How Gadgetwise Uses WordPress

gadgetwisePaul Boutin over at VentureBeat  gives us a look at how the NYTimes uses WordPress for their blogging needs. Paul explains the process of getting a post published onto Gadgetwise which is a blog focused on teaching people how to buy and use stuff. The process is similar to a newspaper only more streamlined. Before a post hits the public’s eyes, it goes through something called a Division Of Labor. This is a team of people with expertise on a particular aspect of a blog post whether it be image display or editing. This really gives the writer the chance to focus on what they do best. Write.

The only troublesome thing about the article is the screenshot of WordPress. According to that backend user interface, Paul had to have been using a version within the 2.6 branch. Either that is an old screenshot or that site is using a fairly old version of the software. Not good considering the recent worm attacks going around.


I viewed the source and indeed, the site is running WordPress 2.6.5.


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