DawnPatrol Gives Fringe WordPress Communities a Voice

DawnPatrol is a new project by Scott Basgaard and Noel Tock of HumanMade. The site is billed as a community experiment that features video clips of WordCamp participants from across the world. With non-English downloads of WordPress overtaking the number of English downloads for the first time this year, non-English speaking WordPress communities have become the silent majority. Using video and images, DawnPatrol gives fringe communities a voice.

In some of the videos, attendees don’t speak English. DawnPatrol uses Vimeo and working with Amara, anyone can help to eliminate language barriers by contributing translated subtitles. The videos are licensed under CC 4.0 BY-NC, which means you must provide attribution and can not use them for commercial purposes. To view subtitles, look for the CC near the volume icon and select a language.

Each WordCamp seems to have its own character. DawnPatrol highlights the things and people who make each event unique. For example, every Japanese WordCamp, meetup, etc, uses a variant of its mascot, Wapuu. It’s the little things in a local geographic area which almost guarantee they won’t become cookie cutter events.

A Wapuu For Everyone
Image Courtesy of DawnPatrol.io

So far this year, the WordPress Foundation has helped 346 WordCamps in 48 countries take place. Tock wants to expand on what the Foundation has done by creating entirely new events to bring people together. “Our ideas range from open retreats (surfing, climbing and other outdoor activities to balance work and lifestyle) to non-profit contribution days (similar to contributor days).” If you’re interested in finding out when events are scheduled, consider signing up to the DawnPatrol newsletter.

DawnPatrol is a neat experiment because it fills a void and is a great way to showcase what makes fringe communities unique. Take a look at the site, watch some of the videos and let us know what you think.



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