1. Kel

    Did I miss something? While Backupify does offer backups for tons of other social media / networking sites, I’m not sure it does quite as good a job as something like http://www.wordpressbackup.org/ because as far as I can tell, it’s only backing up the database, but none of the other important things like the media, plugins etc. WordPressBackup backs up the Entire site.
    Still, Backupify handling other things like tweets, delicious, google docs IS pretty cool!


  2. curtismchale

    I have to agree that this really doesn’t seem all the impressive for WordPress. Using WP-DB-Backup works just fine. What I really need is something that will email me all of the files in wp-content on a regular basis or at least email me a link to download the .zip of wp-content.


  3. Daniel

    db backup:
    i also use the wp backup plugin. it is very comfortable, because you can automatically dump your database, then you can activate a scheduler to optimize and sent every day your dump to your email inbox.

    in your case ‘99% done’ you should try to execute over phpmyadmin mysql commands to check the stability of your database structure.

    file backup:
    the wp-content is grapped and get gzip commpressed by a php script, wich send you an email to your inbox to download it.

    but i would really recommend you to use a small ftp backup program to backup all your wp system and download it to an other server or client.

    iam using cobian. it is developed under borland delphi, of course iam a big fan of the developer, and its free!

    with this tools you have always your data into your pocket.
    ping and peace to all.


  4. Chip Bennett

    I would love to se WP-DBManager rolled into core – along with the core-file backup functionality in the old WP Automatic Upgrade plugin, and have regular, automatic backups of both DB and file backups.


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