1. Justin Tadlock

    For any immediate support issues, a support forum sticky is a great idea.

    This actually isn’t allowed on WordPress.org for theme authors at the moment. I was going to sticky a topic the other day because I’ve done it in the past with plugins. Turns out that the feature isn’t available to theme authors yet.


  2. cfx

    Excellent survey of the landscape and definitely some invaluable suggestions. Personally, I prefer to scatter documentation where it’s needed rather than compiling it in one place. My custom themes typically use Advanced Custom Fields which allows admins to place instructions on a field or even add a message field. My experience has been that placing such contextual help in front of the user/client is more likely to curtail common questions than if they continually need to refer back to a central source each time they have a question.


  3. Sami Keijonen

    I’d add video tutorials with captions for better support.

    Theme repo in .org is many ways worse than Plugin repo but that’s another topic.


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