1. Erlend Sogge Heggen

    To be clear, this is not actually a BuddyPress theme?


  2. Jérôme

    Hello Sarah and thank you very much for this information which falls very well for me.

    You are also very prolific for the subject and it’s always a pleasure to read to you!

    I have a small supplementary question if you are willing. Following the example of WordPress, buddypress ask for a number additional plugins to be optimized.

    To configure correctly a platform WordPress multisite with BuddyPress (WP Mu + WP + Buddy), how much of plugin maximum we can use without altering the general performances please?

    Thank you very much! :-)



  3. Sarah Gooding

    @Jérôme – Hey Jerome, it’s not the number of plugins but rather the quality. Good luck!


  4. Joshua Parker

    A doc theme for BuddyPress? This is awesome! I hope to see more of these popping up.


  5. Jérôme

    @Sarah Gooding

    Yes, of course! But how estimate the quality of a plugin? It’s rather subjective. Thank you…



  6. TCBarrett

    It feels a little unclear how one can use this theme.

    Is it necessary to have network activation and to be using buddypress plugin?


  7. Brajesh Singh

    @Erlend Sogge Heggen
    No, It is not a BuddyPress theme. It is built for WordPress.


  8. Brajesh Singh

    @Joshua Parker
    It si not a BuddyPress theme. It does works well with BuddyPress due to theme compat. I built it for WordPress based Knowledege base site.
    I don’t see how can we use a documentation theme based on BuddyPress. Do you mean the collaborative documentation website?


  9. Brajesh Singh

    @TCBarrett – No you don’t need BuddyPress. You can activate it as just the normal WordPress theme


  10. TCBarrett

    @Brajesh Singh – It looks like an awesome theme. Thank you for building it. I’m hoping we can find the time to trial and review it.


  11. Brajesh Singh

    @TCBarrett – Thank you. Please do let me know your feedback :)


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