Hello To Those Reading From The Dashboard

First, let me start off by saying hello to everyone who has arrived to this post via the dashboard of their WordPress installation. Secondly, I’d like to personally thank Matt Mullenweg for not only adding WPTavern to the Planet WordPress Feed but for adding WPCandy as well. It’s funny because I remember in 2009 when WPTavern was just getting started, I wrote an article explaining why this site would never make it into the dashboard. Needless to say, my attitude and the times have changed.

wptavern in the dashboard
We Finally Made It In!

For those of you brand new to WPTavern.com, my name is Jeff Chandler and this is a site focused on all things WordPress. On top of that, we also cover BuddyPress, bbPress, any project under the Automattic umbrella. You can get a sense as to what this site is about via my About page but to make a long story short, this site exists as a place to find out what’s going on throughout the WordPress ecosystem. On this site, you’ll see interviews, links, quotes, and all sorts of content related to WordPress as well as Automattc. It’s a fan based website with no affiliation to WordPress or Automattic.

There are three things I encourage you to do. The first is to register an account with the WPTavern forum which is used for support and general conversations about all things WordPress all the time. The second is to check out the WordPress Weekly podcast which is something I’m trying to get back into producing on a regular basis.

Last but not least, the third thing I’d like you to do is introduce yourself to me.

Would you like to write for WP Tavern? We are always accepting guest posts from the community and are looking for new contributors. Get in touch with us and let's discuss your ideas.


  1. Looking forward to reading your posts. I’m not too technically minded…but enjoy working my blog. :)


  2. Nice to meet you. I wasn’t fond of WordPress before version 3.0, and didn’t really need it until August last year. But then I started a blog, and WP was the easiest way to experiment. And *then* I got a web development task to which WP turned out to be the solution, then two more, and 7.5 months later it’s one of my favorite platforms. So I can definitely understand your trajectory. Thumbs up!


  3. Good Luck with the podcast Jeff, I was considering doing something similar. Havn’t got that far yet though.


  4. Congrats to you and wpcandy for being included in wordpress feed. Really looking forward for your post.


  5. My site exists to provide information on a significant legal battle I’m involved in with a huge timeshare company. I love wordpress. I need to develop skills that make my site more navigable for visitors–to make the wealth of information more accessible. I’ll be back now that I know about you.


  6. As a retired educator, a committed learner of all things computer-related (I began with Wang, would you believe!) and as a very new user of Word Press via a friend who introduced me and helped set up my own web page . . . now I am ready to launch more and will use all the help I can get.

    In Hawaii we are beginning a “virtual gathering” of youth to elicit their opinions on “matters of consequence”. We started as the Global Youth Center Hawaii and even had (past tense) a small web page that died a natural death. Now we are resurrecting the plan with a new e-mail address (globalyouthcenter@gmail.com) and will work with an advisory board of youth organizations already in place and do the rest with the technology that is at hand.

    More later if you wish. Thanks.


  7. hehehe, this is the first time i clicked link from feeds on my dashboard, your post title invited me to see it. And salute to this fan site (I always admire people who willing to make fansite, lots of efforts there).
    And good luck :)


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