Chances Of WPTavern Getting Into Dashboard?

Welcome to the first installment of a new series I’ll be doing here on WPTavern called Ask Jeff. This is where I’ll take a question someone within the WPTavern or WordPress community gives me and provide my thoughts/answer to. The first question is from community member, hallsofmontezuma.

What Are The Chances WPTavern Gets Into The Dashboard?

The short answer is, slim to none. The reason being, I plan on monetizing this website soon and those who have a reason to pay for advertising are sometimes outside the realm of compliance when it comes to the GPL. Thus, if I will be displaying advertising on this site for things which may not be fully compliant with the GPL, there is no reason to have this site in the dashboard.

Secondly, the only way in which the dashboard would be useful for WPTavern is if I could assign just a specific category of the blog to appear in the dashboard. If the entire blog was added, it would severely limit how much and what types of content I could publish on the site and quite frankly, I don’t want limitations other than the ones I have, to be placed on me.

While being in the dashboard would be awesome and would certainly be a boost in traffic, the cons outweigh the pros.


10 responses to “Chances Of WPTavern Getting Into Dashboard?”

  1. @Brad – Well who knows. Maybe if I send Matt an email, I can at least see what he has to say about having the podcast be released through the dashboard.

  2. It’s worth a shot. The podcast is full of so much good info anyone using WordPress can benefit from it

  3. Don’t forget that you can add the WP Tavern RSS in one of the customizable sections. Wish we had more of those. Maybe in 2.8.

  4. I’ve actually removed the planet feed from my dashboard anyway. I just put it in my feed reader :)

    Having the publicity would be nice for WP Tavern, but if it meant less freedom, I too think it wouldn’t be worth it.

  5. What about Ozh’s Planet WordPress aggregator? I’ve actually replaced the WordPress Planet feed with Ozh’s Planet WordPress feed in my dashboard – and I don’t think he’s quite such a hard-liner about certain controversial issues…

  6. @Chip Bennett – I have contacted Ozh already but the problem I face right now is that I use the FeedBurner Feedsmith plugin which redirects all feeds WordPress creates to one main feed. This means you can’t subscribe to tags, categories etc, without subscribing to the entire site. I’m now thinking of disabling the plugin.

  7. Jeff,

    I also use FeedSmith – but my Category feeds still work just fine, as well as my comments feed (I don’t use tags, so can’t comment on those feeds).


  8. @Chip Bennett – So I gave it a shot last night and as it turns out, I can create category RSS feeds which do not automatically redirect to the Feedburner plugin. So that is great news as I’ve sent Ozh my category feed and he has added it to his planet WordPress roundup.

    Weird though as I would have thought that since users can subscribe to that RSS feed, it should redirect to the Feedburner account. Since it doesn’t, I wonder if it’s broken.


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