Changing Feeds In The WordPress Dashboard

Ask JeffThis post is part of an ongoing series called Ask Jeff. This is where I’ll take a question someone within the WPTavern or WordPress community gives me and provide my thoughts/answer to. This weeks question was submitted by Twitter user miroslavglavic.

Question: How do I change the admin boxes instead of WP feeds and even put my own content on those boxes. Create my own boxes.

Changing the default feeds in the WordPress dashboard is a simple process. Login to your administration panel and place your mouse cursor over the top title bar of the WordPress Development Blog widget or the Other WordPress News Widget and you should see a CONFIGURE link show up on the right hand side. Click on the CONFIGURE link where the options for that particular block will be displayed.


The first text field enables you to parse an RSS feed of your choosing. The second field gives you a chance to name this feed. You can also configure how many items to display as well as a few other variables.

As for creating your own Dashboard content boxes, WordPress does not currently offer a user friendly way of creating more boxes for the dashboard. However, there are plugins available to manipulate the dashboard such as Dashboard Editor or Widgetized Dashboard. Both of these plugins enable you to add or remove additional widgets from the dashboard.

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