1. dg

    I like to think of Jeffro and WP Tavern as thinking about WordPress, not just reporting about WordPress. The implications, the trajectory, the way things are headed. Analysis. Perhaps aggregating the opinions and feedback of the readership as a representative of the people. Encouraging, facilitating, introducing people, techniques, ideas, designers, developers, users, to make a greater whole, from the community cloth. Trustworthy, fair-minded, considerate, positive, realistic. Not beholden. 4th estate. Investigative, insider. WP Weekly podcast audio along with the WP Tavern text content. Basically you tell what’s happening and what could happen with WordPress, give folks a chance to talk about it, and you actually help make things happen as well. WP Tavern is a great resource with lots more potential and a key role to play in the future of WordPress for many users.


  2. Jean-Baptiste Jung

    Yes I’m enjoying the site even if I’m not a member since a long time. You managed to build a community and I’m really looking forward the interesting conversations we can have in the Tavern’s forum.


  3. JLeuze

    You always keep the glasses clean and the peanuts fresh, what more could we ask for? :)

    I really like that you include coverage of other projects that I don’t have time to follow as closely as I’d like to, like bbPress and BuddyPress, so keep that coming! And of course the interviews are always great, you can never have too many of those.

    You’ve been doing an awesome job Jeffro, the Tavern is everything that I wish my local community newspaper was, you should give yourself a raise!


  4. matt mcinvale

    my only complaint is that there isn’t enough free beer.


  5. Ozh

    Not enough free beer? There’s one just in an ad above :)


  6. Andrea_R

    It’s smart company and the waitstaff are cute. ;P


  7. Paul

    There is no bigger WordPress fan than Jeff and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

    Simply put Jeff, without you and the tavern I’d struggle to keep up with developments in the WP community on my own.


  8. Laura Kalbag

    I hear the Tavern gossip via RSS, and you really do keep us up-to-date with the WordPress world. I don’t have enough time to listen to the podcast anymore :( but all the tavern posts keep me in the loop and I like checking out the forum when I do have some spare time.

    Love Ozh’s Cheers! – what a fantastic idea!


  9. Kyle Eslick

    Although my time to participate in the discussion is limited, I do love the site and think you picked a great domain to develop on. 8)

    In addition to news, it definitely gives people an outlet for discussing their WordPress-related thoughts and ideas, which makes your site unique (has its own niche!).


  10. Darren Hoyt

    It’s rare to find discussion forums with an easygoing, smart, nonjudgmental crowd, so the Tavern forums are a place I always feel good about pitching new ideas, even if they’re not totally thought out yet. It’s like a much more grown-up version of the WP forums ;) I appreciate Jeff’s passion for WordPress and all his writing and insights are top notch.


  11. Epic Alex

    I’ve found the forums a guaranteed way of getting the help I need with WordPress problems, which I haven’t found on any other site, except the IRC.

    And yes, I practically live here, WPTavern is 3rd on my most visited sites in Chrome…


  12. Brad Potter

    Jeff and all the great members of WP Tavern have definitely been an inspiration to me. Rarely does a day go by without visiting the tavern to help satisfy my thirst for WordPress knowledge.


  13. 25 Lessons you can learn from Jeff Chandler - Blogging Tips From Jade Craven

    […] did this in a recent poll at the tavern. This is useful to get ideas for improvements, but also serves as having public compliments for you […]


  14. Jeffro

    @dg – I tell ya, comments like yours are rejuvenating. If WPTavern had a mantra, I’m pretty sure your comment would be it.

    @Jean-Baptiste Jung – Just glad to have you around Jean despite you not being a member of this particular community for a long time. You’ve definitely provided quite a bit to the overall WordPress community between CatsWhoCode and WPRecipes.

    @JLeuze – Well, I could take the credit for that but then I’d be in trouble. So I’d like to thank Kim and Kit for helping to keep things in order around the Tavern. I try to include coverage of anything I see interesting whether it be WordPress or an Automattic owned service. Thanks for the kind words.

    @matt mcinvale – Free as in GPL? :)

    @Paul – Heh. Thanks. No offense taken.

    @Laura Kalbag – Yeah, Ozh’s little banner ad made my entire week! Thanks for sticking around Laura.

    @Kyle Eslick – So whenever anyone asks me how this got started, I’ll be mentioning your name for eternity :P Thanks again for giving me a sweet deal on the domain, I’m pretty sure I’ve put it to good use.

    @Darren Hoyt – Pleasure to have you around Darren, and I love it when people publish their ideas in the forum. Always like seeing people come up with something innovative, even if it’s from left field. Hoping the feedback the surrounding community provides helps turn the project into a success.

    @Epic Alex – Well, I can’t take any credit for that. The reason you get great replies is because of all the other smart WordPress people that have decided to participate on the forum. I have them to thank for answering the tough questions.

    @Brad Potter – Man, it must suck to come to the Tavern during the day and not see anything new published on the blog or on the forum lol. Because of you, I have to try and amp up my consistency so I can satisfy your appetite every day. And of course, if I need to know about a new theme, I know who to ask!


  15. JLeuze

    @Jeffro – Ah, then let’s also raise our glasses to Kim and Kit for a job well done!


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