100 Forum Members, New Design And More

Welcome to the WordPress Tavern Friday Happy Hour. Each Friday, this post will provide a summary of what is going on within the WordPress Tavern Community.

From The Forum:

Hosting Your Own Website – Community Member Conorp has been thinking about purchasing an old computer and setting it up as a webhosting server. There are pros and cons to this situation and the WPTavern community is filling in the gaps in order to steer Conorp in the right direction.

Displaying Categories In Themes – I brought up the issue earlier this week regarding why some themes are designed to show all of the categories for a blog. In most instances, a blogger has more categories than the space alloted for them so why bother? Check out the conversation that has ensued.

Premium Theme Business Models – With the Business section of the forum open for business, I took the opportunity to ask those in the forum to discuss ideas or business models that relate to premium themes and the GPL. We have a couple of great answers already, especially one by newcomer film_girl.
What Feature Do You Want In WordPress 2.8? – This thread is ongoing with a new entry made last night but a number of people have put their feature request in for 2.8. Have you?

Welcoming Party:

I’d like to thank the following new members for joining WordPress Tavern forum. Shepherd Jim pirandello HotSauceDaily Remkus dan13l cdlampl neovita film_girl Laura MadHatter maxhomebits StephenCronin mtuffin DebNCgal iRonnie Kathy berniesr RedDirtRanch joetek

Other News And Tidbits:

During this past week, the WPTavern forum officially reached 100 registered users. Also, 6 Ways WordPress Might Die became the first post on WPTavern to be submitted to StumbleUpon. Thanks to Ian Stewart for that one.

WordPress Tavern will most likely have a new redesign which is lighter in color and won’t be of such high contrast at some point next week. This means that the forum will most likely undergo a color change as well. If you know of any dark, or not so light color schemes I should go with, send me your ideas.

By the end of next week, WPTavern should be all set and ready to go as far as advertising is concerned.


That wraps up the Friday Happy Hour. Come back next week for yet another overview as to what is happening around the Tavern. Remember, the drinks are always on the house!



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