Moving Domains, Beta Testers And More

I haven’t published one of these posts in awhile so without further adieu, lets see what’s been happening on the forum as of late.

Checklist for Moving Domains -I’m thinking of moving everything from to Instead of looking up all of the different guides to move the site, I’m looking to see what you would do in my situation.

Comment Filter Beta Testers Needed – Will Anderson over the Easter holiday took the time to create a plugin based on a request I had and some other feedback. Will needs some beta testers to try out the plugin.

Media System Revamped – While we have discussed the media system revamp on the site, we have also discussed it in the forum. Chime in if you can.

TalkPress – Conorp was the first to get this ball rolling and since then, we’ve discussed whether or not hosting forums is a viable business and who would do such a thing.

Long Term Consequences – Ever stop to think about what the long term effects from choosing one theme over another? This thread highlights things you should think about before deciding to go with a particular theme.

That about wraps up this edition of from the forum. Feel free to sign up and be part of the conversation instead of lurking. I don’t mind lurkers but trust me, it’s much more fun to participate in the discussions rather than read them from afar. We currently have 155 members, help us reach our Goal for the end of May at 200 registered members.


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