Subscribe To Comments Beta Testers Needed

Mark Jaquith, the developer of the popular Subscribe To Comments plugin has put the call out on his developer blog asking users to test out the new version of the plugin. According to the post, the new version will contain options to Double Opt-In but more importantly, the entire storage system for subscriptions will be consolidated into one method instead of two. Mark needs the testers to ensure the transition between storage systems works over smoothly.

If you meet the following requirements, you should get in touch with Mark.

  1. Current running WordPress 2.7 or 2.7.1
  2. Currently running Subscribe to Comments 2.1.2
  3. Have a large number of comment subscriptions (at least 500)
  4. Are able to make a SQL backup of their comments table prior to testing, and restore it in the event that something goes wrong

Contact information can be found on his blog post.


One response to “Subscribe To Comments Beta Testers Needed”

  1. Well I used to use that plugin and OH MY GOD THAT PLUGIN WAS HORRIBLE! I wanted to remove it but there wasn’t a good equavilent for it. Then I discovered Comment Notifier. I immediately removed S2C (which was also painful to scrub every dirt of it from my database) and installed it. It has a long way but it surely is lighter than S2C.

    You lost me Mark :) Although, I would be willing to test your plugin if you have a converter from Comment Notifier to your new plugin. I have around 200 subscriptions.


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