Chris Coyier Lays Out His Wish List

Chris Coyier has laid out his wish-list of features for WordPress on the Digging Into WordPress blog. Among his wishes include a revamped Subscribe To Comments plugin, approved comments to all admins, feature/bury comments and a few more. As Jeff Starr mentions in the comments, it’s interesting to note that Subscribe To Comments was last updated 2007-12-14 and has managed to survive all of the changes WordPress has undergone in that time frame. Maybe it’s because it was coded by Mark Jaquith.

Out of the wish list, the only one I can hop on board with is the publishing a page using the link in the header. If you select to create a page and have it published, the link will return back to New Post which is frustrating to those who create a lot of pages. At any rate, give his wish list a read and then check the comments as a number of people have suggested plugins which provide some of the functionality requested.


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