Virtual Jamstack Conf to Feature Fireside Chat with Matt Mullenweg and Matt Biilmann, October 6

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The greater Jamstack community is coming together on October 6-7, 2020, for a virtual conference. Organizers expect more than 15,000 attendees from around the globe over a two-day span that includes keynotes, sessions, interactive topic tables, workshops, speaker Q&As, and networking opportunities.

Matt Mullenweg will be joining Netlify CEO Matt Biilmann on day 1 at 12PM PDT for a fireside chat moderated by CSS-Tricks Creator Chris Coyier. The chat will go deeper on recent topics of contention, including developer sentiment, complexity, security, and performance. Coyier also plans to discuss how the Jamstack and WordPress communities intersect through headless implementations of the CMS.

A provocative post from TheNewStack at the end of August quoted Mullenweg as saying that “JAMstack is a regression for the vast majority of the people adopting it.” This sparked multiple heated exchanges across blogs and social media. Biilimann, who originally coined the term “Jamstack,” wrote a response to Mullenweg’s remarks, hailing “the end of the WordPress era.”

Live conversations tend to be more cordial than shots fired across the blogosphere. It will be interesting to see if Biilimann cares to join Stackbit CEO Ohad Eder-Pressman in his wager that Jamstack will become the predominant architecture for the web by 2025. The fireside chat should be recorded, in case you cannot catch the live session. Recordings of talks from the previous virtual Jamstack event held in May are available on YouTube.

Today is the last call for registration. Many of the workshops have already sold out, but tickets to the regular sessions on October 6 are still available. Sign up on the event website to get your free ticket.


2 responses to “Virtual Jamstack Conf to Feature Fireside Chat with Matt Mullenweg and Matt Biilmann, October 6”

    • I’m looking for it too but this fireside chat wasn’t published I guess. I did watch it at the conference and couldn’t disagree more with most of the points that Matt Mullenweg made. Like the dinosaur, he was stuck with the same old philosophy and was talking about scaling through hardware to improve performance and was oblivious to the evident benefits of the jamstack. He used the larger market share of WP to make many of his points (and that was expected too coz you gotta play by your strengths). They should have instead called someone like Taylor Otwell who the web community has better respect for.


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