1. Ted Clayton

    I like WPTavern, and thought that registering for the forums could be a good way to show support, even potentially be useful.

    My birthday? *Required*? C’mon.

    Ok … providing what appeared to be a valid/legal birth date (I tried the non-legal, blow-it-off version, first), a return message now informs: “Sorry, we are unable to register your account at this time.

    And then there will be the so-called spam filter, which is actually a quiz-question, or maybe a creative-writing contest. Oh goodie.

    I mean, rilly, d’ya want people to sign up for this thing, or not? D’ya think, jus maybe, these kinds of irrelevant intrusions & gratuitous gauntlets could be the teensiest factor in the present need to encourage registration/participation … on what is after all one of the highest-profile WP sites in the universe?

    Could be, imo.


  2. Pat in Michigan

    Yo, approve me dog, I’m like a kid, waiting to see Santa.

    (heh… how’s that for a “young kid” sounding request… :P )


  3. Ted Clayton

    I apologize to Jeffro and the visitors for being a sarcastic smart-mouth. I don’t like it when other people do this, and I like it less when I do it.

    I would rather have said, ‘Registration on websites is a good thing; it is a vote of approval & a sign of support. But registration should not be made the occasion or excuse for demands that we participate in more than “registration”.

    I’m a lot more comfortable if registration is ‘just the facts’, and ‘clean & simple’.


  4. Jeffro

    @Ted Clayton – I don’t advertise the forum as often as I should. It’s been a long time since I encouraged anyone to sign up. The reason for the age thing is to comply with COPPA which doesn’t allow anyone under the age of 13 or so to register to the site without written consent from a legal guardian.

    Regarding the quiz question, it’s not so much a quiz question but one that needs to be answered by a human being. This method of approving new accounts has worked well over the past two years. I realize that for some, it’s a pain in the rear to register but on the flip side, it enables me to determine who’s human and who’s not. I have bots browsing and registering to the forum all the time and I had to do something to prevent those accounts from being registered.

    If you can find me a clean and simple and just the facts registration for vBulletin while eliminating all spam accounts from having to suck up my time, I may have to give you a million bucks for the solution.


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