1. Keith Davis

    Sorry Jeff
    Nothing to add but I had to come over and find out what a “Subreddits” is.
    Now I know.


  2. Brin Wilson

    Hi Jeff, when you say “experienced a large bump in traffic”, what are we talking? 100s, 1000s… more?


    • Jeff Chandler

      Hey Brin. I just tried looking back at that day in November when the post was published but I guess Jetpack Stats doesn’t retain daily data for that long. At least, I can’t find a way to locate and drill down into the stats for that day. Based on memory, I’d say we had an extra 1,000 pageviews at least for the day and since then, we’ve had an average of 100-200 pageviews from Reddit a week.


  3. Ted Clayton

    Jeff said;

    I’ve rarely seen an increase in traffic due to Reddit with one exception. When Sarah Gooding published an article announcing WordPress had adopted the Sass CSS Pre-processor WPTavern experienced a large bump in traffic. There were over 20 upvotes on the WordPress subreddit along with a few comments. Because of the technical nature of the article and the technology focused users of Reddit the article did well.

    At the time the ‘adopted’ Post went up (mid-November), the Drupal community was freshly-electrified by the formal announcement of a fork, spearheaded by prominent members of the fraternity.

    A central element of that (ongoing) breakdown at Drupal, was its adoption of SASS.


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  5. Viridis Lament (@ViridisLament)

    I actually discovered wptavern via reddit.

    In late Jan/early Feb I posted some articles (images really, from my WP powered art gallery/archive). During the week I performed “the reddit experiment” I experienced a huge uptick in traffic. My site is quite niche and generally does around 100 visitors a day, but I got around 800 to 1000 per day which then slowly tapered off over Feb.

    Based on my experiment, Redditors (as the hardcore users call themselves) are a fickle bunch, but if you can grab their attention with good content targeted to smaller niche subreddits you will get the traffic. I found with the larger subs, if your post gets a few downvotes early it will be buried under new content and then no click-throughs.


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