1. Leonard Seamaster

    Great improvements! My No. 1 desired change was kill the floating toolbar. Now the new editor is finally starting to come into its own. There should be an option to keep the toolbar on at all times, though. Some of us don’t like disappearing UI/chrome.


  2. Richard

    Fixing it on the top of the content is a good move. Before it was annoying when things pop up in the view.


    • Manny Obeng

      It really was annoying. The move to the top of the content was a great move and I feel like I’m the happiest person cause of screen issues with my laptop. This makes it more convenient for me now


  3. Patrick B

    Always nice to be quoted, thanks. I’m liking the updates and really appreciate the changes, especially to how the meta boxes are handled. Bringing them inline and making them more inline with the content (and narrowing the wdith of the section).

    I think stylistically the section could use some changes to help it not get lost so easily, especially when more then one metabox is in use.

    But these changes really feel like the feedback is being listened to (even if it was a suggestion already sugested by others a dozen time over or just coincidence).


  4. Werner

    Great to see the meta area is no longer hidden, but testing on real life sites runs into countless issues including data loss, locked or messed up screens, links going nowhere, popup windows being cut off, etc etc. (Reported via feedback form).

    I get that it’s a first cut, but i strongly doubt this is going in the right direction.

    Obviously all these issues are caused by using iframes, and it will be a herculean task to fix (or even identify..) these issues one by one.

    Maybe the big plugins like ACF Pro, Pods, Polylang, OASIS Workflow that were killed by Gutenberg in our tests will bring their own solutions, but there is a lot of individual work out there that will never be touched. Because nobody will pay.

    So looking for an alternative solution without iframes that let plugins work ‘as is’ would be great.

    Personally i would be fine with Gutenberg replacing only the editor block without replacing the whole editing screen…


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