1. Brin Wilson

    So how will people know what the anchor is for, or realise to click on it? Also, what will sharing a content by other means do? Such as sharing an AMP page via a built in IOS mechanism, such as the built in mechanism to share on Twitter, for example? At first glance, this all sounds like a terrible ‘solution’ – although I may well be wrong of course… I’ll have to see it in the wild to really pass any kind of real judgement I guess…


  2. Mustaasam Saleem

    A good step. Looking towards an update on AMP plugin for WordPress.


  3. Jeffr0

    I’ve been frustrated in the past trying to share an article on WP Tavern with others and the only URL I can access on my iPhone is the AMP’d one. Maybe now I’ll be able to easily share the actual URL so people can see that version instead of the AMP’d version.


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